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Premium Wool Dryer Balls 6 units

Premium Wool Dryer Balls 6 units

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Superior Quality Wool - Made from 100% natural wool without any synthetic fillers, these tight and extra-large balls are felted to create a natural and durable product.


Ditch single-use, chemically-filled dryer sheets and liquid softeners for our toxin-free, reusable eco-Dryer Balls. They naturally soften and fluff your laundry while reducing wrinkles, static, and boosting your dryer's efficiency.

  • Reusable for over 1000 loads.
  • Cuts drying time by 20% to 40% based on load size.
  • Plastic-free, chemical-free, unscented, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic - ideal for sensitive skin and babies.

Our Dryer Balls prevent laundry from clumping together, saving you time, energy, and money. Additionally, you can add your favorite essential oils for naturally fresh-scented laundry.

This is the perfect gift for yourself and anyone who wants to live a safe, sustainable, healthy, plastic-free life.

How to Use

For best results with wool dryer balls, use reasonable-sized laundry loads that allow sufficient circulation, and effortlessly toss them into the dryer with your laundry to unleash their effectiveness.

Recharge your dryer balls by washing them in hot water and drying them in the dryer or air drying for wool regeneration and a fresh recharge.


100% Natural Wool


2.7" inches


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Return Policy

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
All good

I have noticed that the drying time of the clothes in the dryer is reduced, great!

Margareth D.
I decided to try them and I'm so glad I did!

I have sensitive skin and have always struggled to find products that don't irritate it. These have softened my clothes without any liquid fabric softeners or dryer sheets, and they've also eliminated the irritation I used to experience. Thanks!

Emily Brown

Good size for towels or bed sheets. They work well. I totally recommend

Paulo D.

I use them with every drying cycle.

Melissa K.
Love them

Clothes dry faster and with less wrinkles